About us

Join us on a path which others do not use!

(Almost) everyone is able to manufacture a bit. But offering perfect solutions, this is a challenge for only a few companies.

We do not state to be world-beating. And it is likely that we are not. But we are really good. Really good concerning quality, really good concerning the appropriate products for the corresponding applications, and more than ever really good concerning the service.

Together with you , we are looking for the solutions you will need. Not only main stream, always open-minded. We develop own solutions, which are really good and important.

It is not yet 15 years since cobit was founded. But how is it possible that we are that good? Some of the managers and employees have gained more than 20 years of experience in this industry segment and exactly know the things required to keep a good and long partnership. That needs more than only blah-blah.

Full of energy for solutions that give full satisfaction!