Packaging – point-of-sales solutions

We don't let you down! Even the best products need to find their buyer.
Each product requires that packaging that best suits its channel of distribution.
We offer 4 different packaging variants for our bits, bit holders, socket wrenches, etc.

For those who are in need of large quantities of bits:

Large packaging

with e.g. 50 or 100 pieces

Colour Bag

Bags with e.g. 5 or 10 pieces
  • flexible, tear-resistant plastic material
  • punched euroslot hanger for wire display units and display walls
  • internal zip lock for numerous opening and closing operations, protection from loss of products
  • informative label with barcode, article data, etc.
  • large window to see the product
  • customisable with logo and contact data


Boxes with e.g. 1, 5, or 10 pieces
  • sturdy  plastic material (PP), frosted to become highly scratch-resistant
  • large transparent window at the front
  • small transparent window at the back
  • sturdy euroslot hanger for wire display units and display walls
  • cover for convenient opening
  • large hinge for frequent opening and closing operations, well-proven
  • uniform label design with colour marking for the respective product line
  • customisable with labels

Prepacked for DIY

Reasonably priced packaging for 1 or 2 pieces
  • sturdy folding box
  • alternative: double blister
  • four-colour print
  • mirror finish protecting  from fingerprints, dirt, or dust
  • punched euroslot hanger for wire display units and display walls
  • integrated product description including icon for quick comparison of products
  • 180° view in transparent cover
  • rear side with all technical and logistic specifications
  • customisable according to customer's CD, with barcode

It's better to be on the safe side!
Or let's say: Sets / bit boxes are packed in a manner that they can be presented both, on the counter and on a display unit. Since 2017, new boxes are packed individually in a single carton and, in addition, in a display box. The single carton features a eurohole hanger to present the box on a large display unit. The single cartons are packed into attractive display boxes to be presented on the counter. Of course, both show important product information.

PU display

  • sturdy cardboard box
  • four-colour print
  • mirror finish protecting  from dirt and dust
  • display unit with punched picture of boxes
  • display unit and sides with product details of boxes
  • boxes placed in upright position and protected against slipping with a cardboard backing
  • same design for all products (product groups)
  • customising free of charge as from 750 display boxes

Acrylic glass display

  • transparent acrylic glass
  • display with article information, icon for quick comparison of products
  • two sturdy hinges to open and close the lid
  • for direct testing of functionality
  • precious presentation
  • customisable with cardboard insert, available as from only 10 units

The modular display stand for tools

Handy and clearly arranged – this is not enough.

Here, the same applies as to the bit sets for different users: the development of this modular system focused on provision of different modules for different user groups – to each group its module.

  • The tool really needed
  • Put up easily and quickly
  • Clearly arranged – clearly described

At the moment, cobit offers 14 different modules of tools.

Display wall

  • board made of steel plate
  • display made of steel plate with printable PVC insert
  • complete product range offered for sale
  • shows competency in the field of bits – increases competitiveness
  • customisable with head display